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Name: Arthur "A.C." Curry/Orin
Canon: Smallville
Alias: Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas
Species: Atlantean
Age: 25/27 years old by season 11
Place of birth: Mercy Reef, Southern Florida
Phone number: 429-555-0132

Mun is ESL (English as Second Language)


He's a tall, well built Atlantean at 6'2", weights 213 lbs and has green eyes. His hair is dirty blond. While in civilian clothing, he is mostly seen wearing orange and green clothing, like his costume.

As Aquaman, Arthur wears a customized wet suit that has an orange and green top with a hood. There are two variations of this top: one with sleeves and one without. He also wears green pants and shoes, a black snap-on belt, as well as has a small dagger saddled to his leg. His costume also features the outline of an "A" in green stitching upon his abdomen.

He has also been seen wearing a stealth wetsuit with the same colors as his usual outfits. It is dark orange and has a green line patter on it.


Early life
The precise details about the origins of Arthur's powers are unknown to him. However his real name is Orin. He once told Lois and Clark that his father lived in a lighthouse, where his swimming abilities impressed Arthur's mother Queen Atlanna, but she died when he was a baby: whether this means that she was an Atlantean like in the comics or not was unknown. Subsequently attending the University of Miami, Arthur went on to become the University swim champion, although his record was marred when he was caught after breaking into a marine research facility to release eight dolphins back into the wild.

He states that his father was a lighthouse keeper who couldn't swim and that his abilities must have come from his mother.

He is a former marine biology student at the University of Miami and an on-and-off member of the Justice League under the codename: Aquaman.

Powers & Abilities

Super breathing - Arthur can breathe underwater for extremely long, if not forever, however it's still unknown how long he can actually hold his breath. (Aqua, Justice)
Telepathy - Arthur is aware of just about anything that occurs underwater. He can mentally communicate with any marine underwater creature. He also has limited sonar abilities.
Swimming at super speed - Arthur can move faster than the sound barrier while underwater and while in speed mode underwater, everything around him underwater moves extremely slow or is frozen. It is documented by Marionette Ventures that he can swim up to 100 mph.
Super stamina - Arthur can swim vast distances, exercise and even fight underwater for prolonged periods of time without getting tired.
Hydrokinesis - While underwater, Arthur can manipulate water with his mind. Through this ability, he can create a ball of hard water. He also has the ability to propel himself through the water into the air to invade a fortress. (Aqua, Patriot)
Super strength - When Arthur is exposed to water, that part of him is superhuman. When submerged underwater, Arthur is at least somewhat stronger than Clark.
Super durability - Arthur, either while exposed to water or while submerged in water, becomes highly resistant to food comas, as well as can maintain consciousness and operate in very cold waters. He was even able to easily withstand a double punch from Clark when the two fought underwater.
Super leap - While not on par with Clark Kent, he has proven capable of performing standing high jumps (both on land and from water) and was able to jump for the ocean to the Metahuman holding facilities with ease as well as jump through the ice. (Odyssey, Patriot)
Healing factor - Arthur can heal rapidly from virtually any wound by contacting water or while underwater.


Without any source of water, Arthur appears to mortal and as physically vulnerable as humans, and long enough deprivation from water will even cause his skin to become severely chapped and has troubles breathing. If he is weakened or deprived on land, exposure to water will heal him and make whatever parts contacted with water superhuman for a while. On land, he was shot with a tranquilizer dart which hit his neck, causing him to pass out after trying to get to the water. Lex then proceeded to torture him, by tying him down and depriving him completely of water. Clark Kent activated a sprinkler system and Arthur's skin immediately healed, hinting at a healing factor activated by water. Immediately after the water exposure, Arthur was able to break out of Lex's restraints. And when on a mission to find Clark in the arctic, he burst out of the closet from under some of Lex's men and threw him across the room with above-human force. Either way, water deprivation is clearly a major vulnerability.


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